Why invest in U.S. stocks, New Zealand stocks and Hong Kong stocks?

  • Invest in the top companies
  • Invest in a larger variety of financial products
  • Enrich investment means
  • Enjoy normalized and transparent financial markets
  • Benefit from day trading

All trading platforms in both Chinese and English


An investment software specifically designed to serve Chinese speaking investors, Tiger Brokers takes the best effort to enhance the speed of transaction, and improve the trade experience.

Trade in the U.S, New Zealand and Hong Kong
stock markets with your Tiger Brokers account

Tiger Brokers not only support transactions of U.S. stocks, New Zealand stocks, Hong Kong stocks, A Shares (Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect), but also support transactions in other global security markets, such as North America, European Union, Japan and Singapore. With an account, you can truly globalize your capital and invest in all international markets. The same funds can be invested in Hong Kong stocks and A Shares during the day, and by night, the same fund can be invested in the U.S. market.

* A Shares are limited to Shanghai-Hong Kong Connect, which includes all stocks that compose the Shanghai Stock Exchange 180 Index (the SSE 180 Index) and the SSE 360 Index, plus all H Shares that may not be included in such indexes, but are simultaneously traded on SSE and SEHK (Stock Exchange of Hong Kong).

  • Powerful Features

    Investors can trade US stocks, ETFs, Options, Hong Kong stocks, A shares through Shanghai/Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect on our platform. We also support margin account1, which investor can use up to a 4:1 leverage for day trading.

  • Stock Forum

    Institutional and individual wise investors share investment strategies and opportunities with investors, improving each other in the interaction.

  • Direct Trading Access

    Tiger Brokers’ advanced system allows the closest to real-time transactions. With the help of our direct access, your orders are executed within milliseconds.

  • Best Transaction Prices

    When you place an order, we will make direct inquiries with all major security exchanges. Smart routing system will compare the responses to all inquiries and place your order with the exchange that quotes the best price.


1. Margin account involves high risk, Please refer to the disclaimer here